Aneta Regel

b. 1976

"The human body and objects found in nature simultaneously fascinate me. My work carries anthropomorphic references as well as having an autobiographical narrative. Childhood memories of home and the surrounding landscape are evoked in the creation of 'sceneries', positioning pieces in groups, using local legends created from glacial rocks left behind in unexpected locations. These 'landscapes' are a displacement of a 'dream world' to a constructed one."

Aneta Regel uses objects found in nature to convey her artistic vision however she seeks not only to capture the forms, energies and rhythms of these natural phenomena, but also to convey the emotional response they evoke in her.

Growing up in Poland, she encountered large stones in forests; smooth round excrescences left behind by glacial action. Endowed with anthropomorphic and seemingly magical powers, they are a subject of legend in her native country. Aneta Regel’s work is informed by this same sense of awe in the face of nature and she has an openness to its transcendental dimension. However, preferring to not completely trust ideas, she puts her trust in material performance, from one state to another. This brings forward the unknown and presents a passage of time, a metamorphosis, a conflict and change that perhaps equates to our own ontology and the way we interact.

Her resulting abstract sculptural forms convey a vivid sense of this intent, but also invite the viewer to participate in the dialogue. 

Aneta Regel lives and works in the UK.

She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and has exhibited widely throughout Europe.

Work available by Aneta Regal