Elisabeth von Krogh

b. 1947

"There is a transition happening from vessel to sculpture - when is it a vessel and when is it sculpture? For me, it is about giving shape. My exploration of the vessel is not solely derived from my ceramic practice. The vessel as an archetypal shape, a container, symbol has continued to fascinate and inspire me."

Elisabeth von Krogh established her own workshop in Oslo in 1973. She is renowned for her large-scale vessels, created in vibrant, strong colours. Playing with illusion, optical visualization and the viewer's perception of what a jar is, her work explores the transition between vessel and sculpture, while boundaries between the image, the sculpture and the form of use are diminished.

Inspired by natural forms of growth and nature, choice of colour has always been important to her, giving the work its expression with the overall shape and colour being intrinsically part of the whole. Over the years Elisabeth von Krogh’s vessels have transitioned from being mostly vessels to sculpture and in later years from sculpture to image.

Art Historian, Jorunn Veieberg has observed that is it not easy to discern when they ceased to be one in favour of the next concluding that ‘probably their special field of force is to be found in just these floating transitions.’

Elisabeth von Krogh’s work can be found in a number of public collections including The Museums of Applied Arts in Oslo, Bergen and Trondhelm. She lives and works in Noway.

Work available by Elisabeth von Krogh