Grant Aston

b. 1980

"My central themes are man’s discordant or harmonious relationship to the modern world and the planet from which we have evolved."

Grant Aston’s work is informed and inspired by a wide range of sources including industrial architecture - ruined factories and forgotten 'non places' - shapes in nature such as bone structure, musculature and cell division, and even politics and world events. These individual and diverse shapes are then reconfigured to form complex new constructions that present many new possibilities, a variety of themes and new identities. The dialogue created, as seemingly unrelated shapes fit together, continues to fascinate Aston and feeds into his practice.

Working in a spontaneous and intuitive manner, he continuously engages with the material, thinking through touch. Whilst clay remains central in his practice, he also uses other materials such as wood while the use of different finishes suggests different narratives. The evidence of slips oozing out between joints remind us of the ability of clay to retain something of its previous state and the mark of the maker. In some cases, surfaces are painted and gilded to bring materials together, while in other works, individual material qualities are highlighted by different varnish or paint finishes.

Grant Aston lives and works in the UK

He graduated from the University of Wales Institute with a BA in Ceramics before completing an MA in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art. He has exhibited in the UK and in Denmark.

Work available by Grant Aston