Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

b. 1980

"Glass is a dangerous, living mystery. It’s hard to work with, you can’t touch it; it could cut you or it could burn you.  At 2,300° F any other material would burn or evaporate, but glass comes alive at that temperature. You can never get bored of that. It’s like working in another dimension."

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert is one of the most interesting glass artists working today.  For the past decade he has created large organic, ethereal glass vessels combining a contemporary artistic approach with a mastery of freehand glassblowing techniques.

Jeremy was born in Paris, raised on the west coast of Africa and has travelled the world in pursuit of his craft since he first walked into a glassblowing studio aged 19. “That was it,” he remembers, “I saw this molten, transparent, white hot orb and it was actually emitting light. It was dangerous and sexy and I was incredibly attracted to it.”

Jeremy trained in studios across the United States, Italy and the Czech Republic, but now works from Fontainbleu, France. His glasswork has been displayed in galleries and museums such as Mudac in Lausanne, Paris’ Galerie Modem and the V&A in London. He has also been involved in a number of commercial collaborations with brands including Swarovski and Veuve Clicquot.

Work available by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert