Johan Tahon

b. 1965

‘I don't think my artworks have any magic power. On the other hand, if spectators are led to ponder existential questions when experiencing them, they will be able to pursue towards metaphysical ideas linked to universality. Through sculpture, I am specially interested in suggesting a mystery way beyond us. I love when connexions are made and things are in line.’

Johan Tahon studied sculpture at the Ghent Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. Since 1994 he has exhibited his work both in Belgium and internationally. In 1996 he caught the attention of Belgium’s most influential curator and museum director Jan Hoet who included his work in the internationally renowned exhibition De Rode Poort in the Ghent Museum of Contemporary Art.

Tahon has participated in a number of major exhibitions, most recently at Musée Ariana, Geneva, Switzerland. Writing in the catalogue that accompanied this solo exhibition, entitled Refuge / Silence, Chief Curator at Musée Ariana, Anne-Claire Schumacher, has described

Tahon’s figures as expressing the artist’s emotions and reflecting the complexity of the world. ‘They attract and unsettle us, they are tormented and silent, raw and sensitive, towering above us due to their monumental scale, while at the same time remaining our clay brothers and sisters.’

Tahon’s sculptures are included in many public collections including the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague; the Vanhaerents Art Collection, Brussels and the Collection of the Dutch House of Royals, The Hague. 

 He lives and works in Belgium and Switzerland.