Juliette Bigley

b. 1978

"Our lives are brightened and coloured by the objects with which we surround ourselves, their character and our interaction with them fascinates me. I enjoy exploring the ways in which we see, interpret and interact with objects and what this tells us about ourselves and the rituals with which we fill our lives."

Juliette Bigley is an artist-silversmith who works with base and precious metals to create forms and vessels.  Her work is both sculptural and functional and is characterised by a focus on line and form. Juliette often groups objects together to explore the relationship between piece and viewer or between the pieces themselves.

She trained as a silversmith at The Cass School of Art in London and graduated in 2013. Since then Juliette’s work has been shown nationally and internationally to great reviews.  Recently, three of her ‘Lucky for One Collection’ were bought by the Office of Public Works in Dublin for the Irish State Collection.

Juliette lives and works in London.

Work available by Juliette Bigley