Taste Contemporary at MIART 2019

5-7 April 2019

For our first presentation at MIART, Taste Contemporary is proud to present a body of new work by the New Zealand based artist, Virginia Leonard, whose emotional, emotive and intensely personal ceramic pieces are powerful self-portraits that address bodily scarring and experiences of chronic pain.

Alongside Virginia Leonard, Taste Contemporary will also present new works by the British based textile artist, Ptolemy Mann who creates large scale works that express a deep sense of craftsmanship and precision through an abstract narrative.

About the Artists

Virginia Leonard

New Zealand b. 1965

The maturity of Virginia Leonard’s work belies the fact that this artist only began working with clay in 2013. Her ceramic practice follows a successful painting career in her native New Zealand and her painterly approach is evident in her current work in which she moves clay as she would have moved paint on a canvas, making the material gestural as she builds her constructions. 

Chronic pain has no biological value, modern medicine cannot reliably treat it. It lacks both language and voice. For Leonard the language of the clay making is an attempt to rid her body of trauma and reduce her level of chronic pain.

Clay is visceral, oozy and clumpy. It resembles bodily scarring but is also a precarious medium, which serves as a reminder of the fragility of her body.


Ptolemy Mann

USA b. 1972

Ptolemy Mann established her own studio practice after graduation from Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art, London. Her unique approach to hand dyeing and weaving wall-based, architectural art works has become the basis for a modern-day Bauhaus philosophy of art making and design underpinned with intelligent colour theory.

Her time consuming and unique approach to creating these works has evolved over a twenty-year period. Exquisite dynamics of colour move across fine surfaces creating a painterly sweep.

The term ‘Chromatic Minimalism’ has been applied to her work and she is heavily influenced by Abstract Expressionism and architecture.


Visit Taste Contemporary at MIART 2019

Stand O13
Pavilion 3, Gate 5
Viale Scarampo 20149

Private Preview
Thursday 4 April 2019

Exhibition Open
5 - 7 April 2019
Friday 5 & Saturday 6 April: 12:00 - 20:00
Sunday 7 April: 11:00 - 19:00