Nel Linssen 

b. 1935

"In the development of my ideas the use of paper as a means of expressing myself was an obvious choice. As a material, it possesses a lot of qualities that come in useful to me. Furthermore, the tactile qualities of paper play an important role in creating wearable objects."

Nel Linssen takes an intuitive approach to her paper jewellery but an approach founded on years of observation and experimentation. Her creations are intricately crafted, inspired by the rhythms and structures found in the botanical world. Seemingly simple in appearance, every precise cut and fold helps to construct pieces that are at once minimalist in aesthetic and texturally complex. Equally, they move with the body in a fluid motion to reveal hidden colours and shadows.


In a career spanning over 30 years, Nel has exhibited extensively internationally. Her work is included in many permanent collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Brooklyn Museum, New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Work available by Nel Linssen