Paolo Marcolongo

b. 1956

"The use of fire and high temperatures has allowed me to successfully combine two materials, thereby giving me the opportunity to enter into a new dialogue and thought process."

Paolo Marcolongo is widely recognised for his art jewellery and, working with both glass and metal, his pieces have been exhibited internationally for many years. However recent work, created in collaboration with master glass craftsmen at Murano Glass, has seen the artist work with glass in a completely new and surprising way.

In successfully merging both materials and creating layers of metal over the surface of the glass, Marcolongo has entered into a fascinating new dialogue with both materials and created a unique language that opens up new horizons and presents endless new possibilities.  Altering both colour and light, these new sculptural objects, an entirely new departure for Paolo Marcolongo, combine the translucence and brightness of glass with the intensity and darkness of iron. 

Paolo Marcolongo studied sculpture at Venice Art Academy and lives and works in Italy, teaching at the Padua Art State School.

This is the first time that he has exhibited this body of sculptural objects internationally. 

Work available by Paolo Marcolongo