Wiebke Meurer

b. 1972

"I’m fascinated by historical European works of silver, gold and porcelain. I explore traditional ways to design objects, not to stick to tradition but because I use tradition as my starting point for my creative strategies. I’m not concerned about the restoration of the broken object: I want to deconstruct it, to reach the heart of its integrity and reinvent it, both formally and functionally."

Wiebke Meurer specialises in porcelain and silver tableware. The inspiration for her delicate work comes from referencing historical European tableware - works of silver, gold and porcelain.

This combination of materials dates back to eighteenth-century Europe, when the upper classes served desserts on porcelain vessels next to exuberant pieces of precious metalwork. Her creations seem to have come straight out of an art collection from the past but have been freed from their historical context. Wiebke explores traditional ways of crafting objects not to stick to tradition but as a starting point for her design concepts.

At present her source for inspiration are the objects and jewellery of the Art Nouveau period with patterns taken from organic forms found in the natural world.

Wiebke studied jewellery and object design at the "Berufskolleg" in Pforzheim, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and the studio of Simone ten Hompel in London. In 2002 she graduated as Master of fine Arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and in 2010 she was invited to become the artist in residence at the l’imprimerie in Lausanne. Her work is internationally recognised and she has exhibited widely.

Wiebke lives and works in Genolier, Switzerland.

Work available by Wiebke Meurer