Cloud by my Fingers 3 , 2015 by Anne Marie Laureys; from the group exhibition  Contained | Contenu  presented by Taste Contemporary at Musée Ariana, Geneva in 2018

Cloud by my Fingers 3, 2015 by Anne Marie Laureys; from the group exhibition Contained | Contenu presented by Taste Contemporary at Musée Ariana, Geneva in 2018

About Taste

Established in 2012 and exhibiting since 2014, Taste Contemporary is proud to showcase contemporary and 20th century work by a select group of established artists who employ the intrinsic characteristics of clay, textiles, glass, metal and wood to realise their ambitious concepts in the most extraordinary ways.

Creating sculptural objects and art works that are inspiring, surprising and completely fresh, their work is sought after and acquired by collectors and museums worldwide. In addition to presenting work by internationally recognised artists, Taste Contemporary is also committed to seeking out new voices in contemporary craft, an exciting but relatively untapped segment of the art market.

Dedicated to encouraging a greater appreciation and understanding of these artists, Taste Contemporary continues to promote their expressive and ambitious work through its annual programme, which includes participation in international fairs, museum collaborations and other exclusive events, as well as regular gallery exhibitions.

Monique Deul
Founder and Director, Taste Contemporary

Our Team

Monique Deul

Initially studying law at the University of Amsterdam, Monique Deul began her career in music, working with both the London Symphony Orchestra and the Wigmore Hall. In 2012 she founded Taste Contemporary, presenting her first exhibition at Blondeau & Cie 2014.

In addition to shows at the gallery and at international fairs, Monique Deul has been invited to curate exhibitions at museums and other exclusive locations; in 2018 she was invited by Musée Ariana, Geneva to curate the exhibition Contained | Contenu while in 2020 she will curate an exhibition at Maison Louis Carré near Paris, one of the most important private houses designed by Alvor Aalto.

Since the establishment of Taste Contemporary, Monique Deul has participated in numerous high profile events. In 2015 she was invited to curate an area at artgenève dedicated to contemporary objects. She has been an invited guest speaker at the 2015 Craft Trend Fair in Seoul, South Korea, also serving as a jury member on their Artist of the Year panel. Since 2016 she has served as a jury member at The European Prize for Applied Arts, European Triennial for Ceramics and Glass, the Prix La Foundation Bruckner, Geneva and the International ceramic competition Museum Carouge. She has also been invited to participate in a number of expert panels including the talks programme at the 2018 Tresor Contemporary fair in Basel.

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Monique Deul

Brian Kennedy

Between 2002 and 2010 Brian Kennedy curated a series of major exhibitions for the Crafts Council of Ireland, including Forty Shades of Green, which travelled to SOFA, Chicago. Following this, he curated the highly acclaimed exhibitions, Material Poetry and Dubh – Dialogues in Black at the American Irish Historical Society, New York.

In 2014 he curated the critically acclaimed exhibition Vase Vessel Void for the Oliver Sears Gallery and in 2015/16 In Residence I & II for the same gallery in London. Other notable projects include Walpole’s Crafted - Makers of Excellence exhibitions in London and VASE, Function Reviewed a major survey exhibition of international contemporary ceramics for the Design & Crafts Council Ireland. From 2016 – 2018 he was Artistic Director for the TRESOR Contemporary Craft Fair, Basel, Switzerland.

Since 2012, Brien Kennedy has worked with Taste Contemporary.

Brian Kennedy

Frances McDonald

Frances McDonald has managed numerous international exhibitions and events including the Making In series of international design seminars for Joseph Walsh Studio Ireland;  Liminal – Irish Design at the Threshold, New York, Eindhoven & Dublin for Irish Design 2015; The International Academy of Ceramics Dublin 2014 for the Design & Crafts Council Ireland; MATERIALpoetry and dubh - dialogues in black, for STUDIOpractice in New York & Dublin and Realisations 2008 in New York for Joseph Walsh Studio.

She also writes on contemporary craft and design and has contributed to the Irish Arts Review; Ceramic Review; Neues Glas: Art & Architecture; Ceramics Art & Perception and

Frances McDonald has worked with Taste Contemporary since 2016.

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